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Too Much, Too Late

I’ve been a little lax and I really do need to commit to this and post regularly.

So much happens in a month, at least in the summer, that it’s impossible to get it all down and do you really want it all in one go.

I think not.

Besides that it makes it difficult for me to know where to start.

So I’ll start with Patchings Art Festival.

If you’ve only just heard about this then I’m afraid you’ve already missed it.

It was a four day event from the 5th – 8th June.

You may want to make a note of it for next year as it tends to be on the same weekend every year.

This was their 21st year.

I remember going to the first one and it has GROWN since then.

A regular feature of the festival is The Artist and Leisure Painter Patchings Open Art Competition Exhibition.

140 selected paintings from this year’s competition are shown in two of Patchings galleries.

My painting is in The Barn Gallery with work from The Artists category, with the Leisure Painter section on show in the Pavilion Gallery.

This exhibition runs on until July 20th so there is still time to catch it.

If you would like to vote for my painting you can do so Here

There were over 200 artists and makers at this year’s Festival.

Many demonstrating their craft. In one marquee all the various painting mediums were represented including works on paper, printing and calligraphy.

Glass and mosiacs were also represented in this marquee.

The other exhibitor marquee housed creators of items using textiles, jewellery made from metals, stones and beads, and work in wood and metal. The ceramics and sculpture section was also located in this area.

They had a new area this year at the Festival which was dedicated to ‘the art of photography’. The additional large marquee included photographic exhibitors, workshops, and a seated arena for presentations by well known photographers and trade stands.

I have to admit by being disappointed by the Artists Materials marquee.

This was the only area that has not grown, which for me at least was a shame as I was hoping to stock up on supplies.

If you like to see artists working, talk to them about their work or take part in workshops this is the place for you.

Maybe your an artist and are thinking of participating next year. All I will say is, it was heaving.

It’s a busy weekend as it was the 55th Dukeries Rally through Sherwood forest and local woods on the Saturday and also my birthday this week.

This is the weekend when the family gets together and this year was no exception.

Unfortunately Saturday was mainly wet, at least until the late afternoon but Fliss, Jay and the boys battled the weather and went out in the storm to watch the Rally cars compete.

Nat, Will and I weren’t that brave so stayed home.

Sunday turned out to be lovely, sunny and warm and yet again for my birthday out came the barbeque.

It was looking decidedly dodgy but the weather came through and we all had a great day.

Website Revamp

That aside, I took a break from painting to update my website. It took me a week and I was really pleased with how it looked until the family came.

It was at this point that I casually mentioned how good the site was looking and could they check it out.

Disaster. How technology moves on. I had been happily plodding on totally oblivious to the fact that in this day and age everyone (bar me and a few other dinosaurs) use their mobiles for browsing the internet. As well as buying from the internet.

The galleries were totally disfunctional and the shopping cart was ….

well, lost ?. Where had my cart gone along with my paypal buttons. That was a really good question. Lost in the virtual world, never it seems to be seen again.

Another week passes and finally I have an up to date website.

As far as I know fully functional with tablets, pc’s and mobiles.

Thanks to my daughters for their long distance aid and assistance.

It’s been a hard long slog and now all I want to do is get down to doing some painting.

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