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The shape of things too come

I really can’t help myself and it amuses me, even if I am the only one who appreciates the pun !.

So I really do need to get to the point and stop going round in circles, but since writing my last blog things have been shaping up nicely.

It’s odd that after putting into words, then sending them words out into the world, my thoughts about what I had written began to make some sense.

No.1 Time management

My time is no longer completely my own, which in some ways is no bad thing. It just means I have to allocate it slightly differently now.

Living back here in the village means a five minute stroll to the shops to get a bottle of milk may not be the same five minute stroll it was in the place I lived before.

People here know me and I know them. A chat with the lady from down the road who had a fall, the young girl who asked to stroke the dog, discussing the weather with a neighbour, it all takes a few extra precious minutes out of the day.

Then of course I have a new dog. Whereas my other dog was old and tired and happy to shuffle around the garden at my former home this young thing wants to play and go walks in the woods everyday.

My mum calls in for a cuppa or there’s an hospital appointment, dentist, doctors, vets, supermarket.

It dawned on me that I need to allocate my time so I can be more efficient.

Having cut down my charity work from three half days to two should help do the trick but I need to make a concerted effort in the studio, which brings me to …

No.2 Faith in oneself

I don’t have any ‘arty’ friends or anyone to share my passion for painting with, so sometimes it wanes a little.

I get disappointed when a painting isn’t chosen for an exhibition and see that the paintings that have been are all traditional still lifes and landscapes. Oh my goodness, should I go back to painting them instead?

Even worse is when I do get chosen and then start to judge my artwork against other peoples art and find myself wanting. I have no yardstick to gauge my work by. I have no peers, no critics bar myself. Am I falling into a rut.

Well, actually no. Putting pen to paper or more accurately keyboard to web gave me the impetus to get my finger out and DO SOMETHING.

I have set myself a goal. I am to do a series of paintings based on a set of geometric shapes. I have set this series to consist of at least fifty paintings, on canvas or paper of various sizes. It is the shapes within and the colours that matter. I will next week enrol myself on a drawing course. Peers. That may or may not be a success depending on whether or not I can control the flight response when around people I do not know.

I have also decided that I should take the degree I should have done when I left college. Now that it’s possible to do an Art degree course as distance learning. I’m still looking into that and am printing out the details as I am typing this, so I will let you know more on that next month.

Back to the art studio now then. Only another 45 paintings to go.

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