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Good things come in small packages

Paintings and prints for small spaces

small painting in fame

Big isn't always beautiful. Small can be just as grand. Hasn't it always been said that a little goes a long way. This can also true for home decor.

Spend a little and get a lot with small paintings and prints. For a small space they are the ideal solution to brighten up a boring corner.

You could make a feature wall from a collection of small artworks and it can be done on a budget. They don't have to be all the same theme or the same style of frame.

Be Bold

If you're worried your grouping won't look right why not stick to a colour you love. Or even go for black and white art prints. They can look really classy. Do you love architecture? Artworks of different types of Cityscapes in different sizes and styles of frames can look simply stunning.

You may want to keep it simple and have one artwork on a shelf with a few ornaments as in the photo above. In that case either a small abstract painting or a print keeping to the colour theme of the room would add that little extra touch.

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