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Summer Exhibition Time

Tate Modern Exhibition - Georgia O’Keeffe - Until 30 October 2016

I went off to the Tate last week to see the much awaited and anticipated Georgia O’Keefe exhibition.

I only have the full catalogue raisonné of one artist and I got that as a xmas present over 25 years ago and it is my most treasured possession.

Today I saw some of the paintings in the flesh and I wasn’t disappointed.

I have a Tate membership so I made the most of it today. There was also 2 other exhibitions on so I saw them as well.

I was never a big Mona Hatoum fan and my stance hasn’t changed after seeing her latest works. I don’t really understand installations, it must be said.

The 3rd was an artist I’d never heard of, Bhupen Khakhar. I liked a lot of his work although if your of a nervous disposition you may want to give it a miss.

There is also a sign warning that it may not be suitable for children. I would not want to take children in and have to explain some of the later paintings.

I walked up the 10 floors to the new viewing gallery. Not by choice I would add but after walking to the fourth floor the lift was full every time I stopped on the way up hoping to get in. It is worth it though. Go outside and walk all the way round.

Some terrific views.

Some new paintings in the offing from that I’m sure.

I then wandered next door to Bankside gallery who just happened to have the Annual Summer Exhibition for the Royal Watercolour Society and the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. Some lovely works but I was quite stunned by the prices. Then again this is London !

I went on up the Southbank and popped my head in the Roger Hooper’s Focus on the Wild exhibition, nice to note that all profits from sales at this exhibition will be shared between WWF and Hoopers Africa Trust.

I went up to the viewing platform of the Oxo building and took a few photos. Coming down the lift I was thinking the day couldn’t get any better when I received a Congratulations email from Artfinder, one of my paintings had been sold.

I next found myself at Gabriels Wharf. I had never noticed this place before. Then again that might be because it is the first time I’ve actually been in London and it’s been warm AND sunny.

I have walked from the Tate up to Westminster many times so I have no idea how I missed it. A little gem is Skylark Gallery 1. The artist Colin Ruffel was on duty and having been a long time fan of his I ended up purchasing one of his acrylographs.

I was hoping to see David Hockney at the RA but it was getting on for 4.15pm by the time I had walked up to Piccadilly so I decided to call it a day.

Day 2 of my Art exhibition fest

The backs of my legs were sore before I set off so I got the tube from Liverpool street up to Green Park Station.

If I had been earlier I might have had a stroll into Fortnum and Masons which is situated across the road from the RA but I was on a mission and it was already getting on for twelve o’clock and I hadn’t booked a ticket.

I needn’t have worried, one of the joys of going on your own is they can usually fit you in on short notice.

It is an impressive building. I have to confess I have never visited this place before and I really should have.

I booked in for the next available time for the David Hockney exhibition which was only ten minutes from my arrival and I got a ticket for the Summer Exhibition while I was at it. Which didn’t need a time allocation.

Upstairs to the Hockney exhibition and straight in.

I have been a fan of Hockney since he did the photo collages in the seventies. I also visit Salts Mill near Bradford regularly to see his work. THIS was something different.

Was it three or four rooms? I’ve lost track but the paintings are brilliant. Each of the portraits finished in the space of three days.

Each the same size with the same background and each sitter on the same chair. Absolutely stunning.

David Hockeny exhibition catalogue

Then there was the Summer Exhibition. Why I have never been to see this before is a mystery. There are so many rooms you can get lost.

If I thought the prices were steep at Bankside, this is jaw dropping. Prints from about £350 going up to the thousands and the paintings. Well. If you’ve got the odd 5 or maybe even 155 thousand pounds spare you could probably pick something up. Actually you couldn’t because the majority have already been sold.

The size of some of these is also breathtaking. All I can think is the logistics of actually getting them delivered there must be a nightmare.

I was going to pop my head in Mall galleries but it was crafts and I was tired.

I walked up through St James park to Buckingham palace and was totally underwhelmed by the place. Yeh, it’s a big house but I’ve seen a lot nicer and architecturally I don’t really rate it. Probably got some nice bits inside though!

Buckingham Palace

By the time I reached Victoria station I was totally done in. I obviously looked it too as a young guy gave up his seat on the tube for me.

I also didn’t realise that your shins could hurt so much.

So that’s it. My head is buzzing. I've had a wonderful two days but next time I think I need a little more time.

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