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Spring is coming

It’s very nearly spring and although not completely out of hibernation mode yet I’m getting there. The sun has shone these past few days and the temperature has risen. I have even ventured out of doors without the compulsory beeny hat, gloves, thick scarf and coat. Only, I hasten to add to get in the coal for the fire. But hey, it’s a start.

Although not having been sociable for the past couple of months doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping myself busy. Just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean there was no news.

Abstract painting made up of geometric shapes in red and yellow
Beelzabub Sighs

In fact these past few months have proved a turning point for me. More on that later.

I sold 3 paintings at the Thoresby Art Gallery in the run up to xmas.

Although it then took them until Febuary to pay me, and only then, because I dropped them an e-mail.

Abstract painting made up of geometric shapes in orange and yellow
Breaking Dawn descends
I completed to my satisfaction the goal I had set myself.

abstract painting made up og geometric shapes

And although I didn’t actually finish 50 paintings in the style I had set, I most certainly did start them.

abstract image made up og geometric shapes
Trembling Leviathan

It gave me time to focus. It gave me the time to realise that although I do like to paint these sort of abstracts, I don’t love it I faff.

Me thinks, I faff too much.

abstract painting with geometric shapes in blue and yellow
The journal of Isabella

So although I will not completely abandon this style, I need to concentrate my efforts on other things for a while.

Abstract painting made up of geometric shapes in red, blue and yellow
They found he'd gone to heaven

A chance conversation with one of my daughters made me realise that I was going down the wrong track and I needed to back pedal a little. I made a statement about the shapes I am using in my abstracts relate in part to the shapes of the new buildings that are going up in London. The shapes. That’s it. I needed to look at the bigger picture.

So I am, I suppose doing somewhat of a U-turn. I did a poll some time ago. Well, now I come to think of it. It is probably getting on for a few years. I asked, from a list, which of my paintings were most likely to be of interest. The abstracts didn’t get a look in. It wasn’t the result I wanted. So I ignored it and carried on.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy painting my still lifes, landscapes and portraits. I had this notion that they were a bit twee. (I was obviously going through a stage that I seemed to have got stuck in) They may have been twee but they are hanging on many walls.

Well, twee is making a come back.

I won’t be publishing any images of the new work quite just yet. I have to get to grips with an old style and a couple of new techniques.

I’ll be back…………. just watch this space.

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