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Sold Paintings

Where have all the sold paintings gone?

This started out as a simple blog to explain there is now a separate page showing some of the paintings that have been sold over the last few years.

Then I realised that you may also be interested to know where my paintings are hanging.

The furthest one has traveled is to Victoria, Australia

I have sent them to the highlands of Scotland as well as the mountains of Switzerland.

As far apart as Berlin, and Portland, Oregon.

They are shipped to Canada, Texas and Tennessee.

In fact I can send a painting or print to almost anywhere in the world.

Although a high percentage of my artworks do go to London and New York

Why are there very few sold paintings in the shop you ask.

This is because I have removed a lot of them.

The reason behind this was simple.

If you are looking to buy a piece of art it is easier to browse through artwork that is available.

If you want to browse through a few of the paintings that have sold the new page is here.

Thanks to all who have purchased artwork from me.

Thanks to all who are thinking about it.

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