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Packaging Artwork

I have written this short post because I also buy artwork as well as make them and it seems to me not all artists know how to pack their wonderful creations in a way that means they will arrive safely.

Lovely tissue and bows are wonderful but they don't safeguard against the ravages of the postal service.

When you are preparing your artwork for shipping please include a Certificate of Authenticity inside the package to be sent to the collector who has purchased the artwork.

Even if you're just getting started or unsure if your artwork will ever become collectible, a signed Certificate of Authenticity can help collectors prove a work's provenance. It also ensures the buyer that the work is produced by you.

A Certificates of Authenticity template can be found below. Please save the image to your own computer and print out.

Download PDF • 959KB

Download PDF • 326KB


Prints and Works of Art on paper – Rolled in a tube

Use a heavy duty mailing tube with plastic end caps a few inches longer than the width of your artwork. Your mailing tube should at least 10cm in diameter so as to avoid rolling the artwork tightly, as this is likely to cause damage Place your artwork in the centre of a piece of acid free paper approx 20cm longer than the artwork lengthwise and equal to the inner length of your mailing tube. Then place acid free tissue paper just larger than the artwork on all sides on top of the print. Fold the excess paper under the bottom of the artwork and press down so the bottom edge of the print is resting in the fold. Gently roll the piece so that it is slightly smaller than the diameter of your mailing tube. Roll a layer of polythene or plastic wrap around the wrapped work to seal out moisture. Carefully insert the rolled work into the tube.

Do not forget to add a Certificate of Authenticity.

Top the tube with its end cap and be sure to secure the caps on both ends with sturdy tape to ensure they do not come off during shipment.

Prints and works of Art on paper – In a reinforced envelope

Wrap the work in acid-free tissue paper. To protect against moisture, wrap the artwork with plastic sheeting/poly wrap or put it inside a plastic bag. Seal with tape. Create corner protectors for each corner of your work: Take four square pieces of glassine paper or acid-free tissue paper. Scaled according to the size of your work and fold it in half to create a triangle, then in half to create a triangle pocket. Place one pocket onto each corner of the work. Tape the wrapped artwork to a sheet of foam core or a sturdy piece of cardboard. Taping only onto the tissue paper corners. Place the wrapped artwork between 2 pieces of firm cardboard and tape both sides together. Wrap the piece in a thick layer of bubble wrap. Surround the bubble wrap parcel with two pieces of corrugated cardboard to create an outer cover. Ensure that edges of both pieces are securely taped together with no gaps.

Flat Artwork

In a box Use a sturdy cardboard box or build a crate with sufficient room to fit the work with at least 1-2 inches of space on each side. Wrap the work in acid-free tissue paper or glassine paper. To protect against moisture, wrap the artwork with plastic sheeting or poly wrap. Wrap the painting in at least two layers of bubble wrap and secure with tape. Add cardboard corner protectors to the corners of the wrapped work. You can buy corner protectors ready made or you can construct them yourself.

Check on You Tube or Google. Place it inside the cardboard box. To minimize movement within the box, thoroughly fill any empty areas around the artwork with foam or bubble wrap to ensure a snug fit. Seal the box completely shut with packing tape, reinforcing the corners. Clearly mark the box as “FRAGILE.”

I would recommend that any particularly valuable, large or fragile pieces are shipped in a custom-made crate. Flat Artworks with a short edge exceeding 100cm should be shipped in a crate. Shipping in a crate


Since sculptures vary widely in terms of size, weight, delicacy, etc., it’s impossible to provide a set of directions that will work for all. Please use your judgement to make sure the piece is adequately wrapped and packed. If in doubt, please have your work packed and shipped by a professional company.

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