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One of those months

Have you ever had one of those days or one of those weeks, when if you didn’t laugh you’d be banging your head on the wall in a corner somewhere. !!!

I’m having a bit of bad luck with a large dose of stupidity thrown in just for good measure.

It all started on the first of this month.

I had bought a second hand scooter for the grandsons for xmas.

It worked in a fashion but I thought someone said the drive belt keeps coming off.

It was too cold for me to venture outside at the tim but I looked out the window and DID SEE a belt being fixed back in place a number of times.

I hadn’t looked at the bike all these months and while my back had been playing up it was too heavy for me to lift into the back of the car to take it to be fixed.

Well the boys were coming for the bank holiday and it would have been a shame if they couldn’t play on it so I took out the 2 large batteries to make it lighter and hauled it into the back of the car and off I went to Halfords.

I waited around to ask for someone to come outside and check the size of the drive belt so I bought the right size. After what seemed like an age a guy was free. I explained my predicament and he gave me a look like I was a complete idiot. He said with as much disdain as he could muster that they don’t sell drive belts there.

I retorted with a quip about I was sure cars still needed them. To which he informed me that that they hadn’t stocked such things for at least 12 months and directed me to the local automotive store.

I went through the same again and the chap followed me outside to look at the scooter in the boot of my car. As he looked at the black belt hanging loosely near the wheel he said nonchalantly ” I thought all these things were electric”.

Well of course they’re electric and if they are electric why would it have a drive belt.

Red faced I slunk away and went off to buy some rubber mastic to stick the rubber back on the wheel that is there for extra traction.

A few more minor things happened but nothing worth noting. So moving on to Sunday. I was tired but had a few jobs to do.

Mum’s birthday was the next day so I wanted to go to the garden centre and get a hanging basket and a card.

I needed to go to the supermarket and the DIY shop. As I set off down the road I noticed the fuel was very low. Lower than I would have liked so I decided I had better call in the Esso garage on the way. I congratulated myself as I pulled up onto the forecourt that I had just timed it right to secure the last free pump. It was busy and I wanted to get on. I kept squeezing the handle of the pump to alert the cashier that someone was waiting and they needed to reset the pump. As I was standing their I was idly reading the information. Unleaded, unleaded premium. Why do they now need premium ??? How long have they had premium ?. (Yes I know, they’ve had premium unleaded petrol for years, but at the time the penny didn’t drop) I then went into pay and because it is also a little supermarket it seems everyone and their brother was doing their shopping in there. Frustration mounting.

Sat waiting for the car in front to move and I was at last on my way. Decided B and Q (diy store) would be my first port of call while I decided which supermarket to lay siege to. It’s only a couple of miles down the road from the fuel station. That would be two sets of traffic lights and a right turn.

As I pulled out of the second set of lights and made a right turn the car juddered a little. Taking my foot off the accelerator and making sure I was in first and not third gear I continued round the corner and pulled into B and Q car park.

By this time the car was doing a very good impersonation of a kangaroo. My grey cells were whirring madly. What the heck is wrong with it ? I’ve definately not run out of petrol, I’ve just filled it up. OMG….. I’ve just filled up my diesel engine with petrol.

I had the dog with me but no phone and the chap who got out of the car next to me was less than happy when I dived out of my car when I spotted he had a mobile in his hand. Luckily his wife was more forthcoming when I related my predicament, so I could call for assistance. I got nothing done and the car was eventually towed to the garage who were very busy but did fix it Tuesday morning. Luckily no lasting damage done and only needed a new filter, flushing through and filling with the right fuel. I ordered some vinyl for the stencils.

Phone message next day. Sorry out of stock and will not be getting a delivery until sometime in June. Please advise if you want the other type. …… Mmmmmm….. give me a few minutes. The other type is only 3 times more expensive. I think NOT. Had enough expense so far. This morning I did a shift at the charity shop day so I had a reasonably decent pair of jeans on. I should know better but I never learn and wandered into the studio looking for a small container.

Container found, with lid on.

That should have alerted me to the fact that there was probably something inside it but no. Even the fact that the top seemed to be stuck didn’t warn me. I gave it a good yank… Jeans, jumper, shoes, floor and wall equally doused in a thick coat of varnish. And on it goes.

At least the paintings are going well. Hey ho, you can’t have everything.

Painting of Tower bridge at night
Tower Bridge

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