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Not making art

I have to admit that I do spend a great deal of my waking hours painting, thinking about making artworks or looking at other peoples artworks.

I don’t spend all my time doing that though. I spend time with my family when they visit and I spend as much time as I can in my garden in the warmer months.

I love my garden. I have loved many gardens attached to the houses I have lived in and I build a pond in each one.

Each one gets more elaborate than the last. This has a waterfall. A small pond at the top for wildlife and the larger pond below.

Wildlife rules

My garden may not be the tidiest but I do get my fair share of wildlife. The pond attracts frogs, damselflies in early summer and dragonflies later in the year.

The waterfall attracts birds, either to bathe or to quench their thirst.

I love to photograph the changes and goings on in my garden but I rarely feel the urge to try and replicate nature in paint.

Sometimes the most unusual of things can be beautiful. Take these ants that are farming the aphids for the honeydew.

Ants farming aphids

Not only do I find this fascinating but I also find I can use the colour combinations in my abstract work.

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