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New works, Old style

I’ve shuffled sidewards somewhat and settled into position.

The comfy old style is sitting very nicely with me at the moment. That old armchair has had a revamp and come out the other side looking better than before.

The abstract painting is taking a back seat while some new representational and figurative paintings have a revival.

painting of the column in London called Monument

Without peers or anyone really to look at the work I do, I now think I was getting stuck in a rut.

I was going down the road but had somehow lost my direction.

Figurative painting, london tube station

I feel more confident in what I am doing, it’s a bit like coming across a friend you haven’t seen for many years and striking up a conversation as though it was just yesterday that you last met.

I have to admit I am working from photographs, but I have a good excuse for this. Well two actually now I come to think about it.

No. 1 I can’t stand the cold, or the cool or even the luke warm. I need warmth and plenty of it or my hands and feet go numb.

No.2 I can’t work with people around. I need to be in seclusion with perhaps the addition of a radio.

I have always felt uncomfortable working with anyone around. This didn’t always go down well at college as, although I attended all day, most of my work was done at home. Ce la vie

Some things you grow out of some you don’t.

And like my days at college a lot of my prelim work is also now done on the computer so I can manipulate the photo’s every which way to my hearts content.

Photograph taken from the Tate cafe. There are evening reflections on the glass.

Painting of St Paul's Cathedral at night
Over the river at twighlight

The painting is my ‘artistic impression’ in oils.

I am hoping to capture the spirit of the city in an artistic representation, not a photographic documentary.

painting of borough market
Borough Market

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