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If you have to ask the price !

I’ve been a little busy of late.

Painting and more painting.

The thing that has taken most of my time though is sitting at the computer.

Trying to source reasonable priced printers to print quality prints is like wading through fog.

So many options, variations and of course, prices.

There are a few who have lovely websites and no prices.

Well, like my father used to say

“If you have to ask the price you can’t afford it.”

I did and you know what, he was right.

They don’t advertise the prices for a reason.

Eventually though I have found what I was looking for. Test prints are great.

The prints can be bought through Etsy.

I am also selling them through my own website mounted and/or framed.

This is a view of Manhattan from the Rockefeller centre, this graphic image shows the breadth and depth of architecture that is Manhattan. An ideal gift for a lover of all things New York.
Birds Eye view, New York

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