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Galleries !

I have been visiting a few art galleries in the locality. Most seem to be dominated by prints these days. Ok, so they are limited editions, but they all come from 2 publishers. It’s a bit like in the days of the Athena poster shops. Whitewall or Castle Fine Art If your not affiliated to one publisher you certainly are to the other.

In Nottingham the opposing publishers have art galleries virtually facing each other. This unfortunately means that if your not on the books of the publisher your not going to be hanging your paintings in their art gallery.

What happened to the independants ? I am either looking in the wrong place or they have hung their last painting and closed their doors.

By the way, Thanks George, Now he does have his own gallery and does like my work and when he has an opening for a new artist…..

I also found a new online Art Gallery.


I say new. That is not strictly true, I have known of the site for quite a long time I just wasn’t sure that it was right for me.

How wrong can someone be.

Yesterday I uploaded 6 images and was accepted to the site.

This morning before I had to go out I completed the information on four paintings and they went ‘live’.

This afternoon I arrived home and went to start putting the info on more paintings to find one painting had already sold.

Needless to say I will be uploading a few more to this site and filling in the relevant information as soon as I can.

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