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Choosing a frame for your artwork

How to choose the perfect frame for your artwork

When it comes to framing your painting, whether you are an artist who creates or a collector who buys artworks, the options can be daunting. Wooden frames, coloured frames and tray frames are only a few of the options available, all of which, when selected correctly, will greatly compliment your artwork.

Types of frames available to showcase your artwork.

One of the first considerations is whether to frame the artwork yourself and purchase a readymade or to have the artwork custom framed.

Both choices are viable if the painting or drawing is of a standard size and you know what you want.

Readymade frames are available right now, making them a good choice if you want to show off the artwork as soon a possible.

On the other hand if you are not in a rush to see the artwork on your wall a custom made frame may be an option.

You can work with a local framer to talk through the options and see what the frame will look like on the artwork as they have samples in store.

If you live in Nottingham or surrounding district I would recommend Custom Frames in Bulwell.

They will take as much time as you require wether you are purchasing one frame for the home or 100 for the gallery.

Although a canvas artwork usually does not need framing, many artists and buyers choose to frame canvas art for aesthetic and durability reasons.

A frame in the same style as the painting, but chosen so that it does not overshadow it, will look fantastic with both the artwork and your home decor.

If however you live in an older property artworks can be framed to suit the property. Modern abstract art can look great in a shabby chic style frame.

Depending on your home décor and the design of the picture, you can choose from a vast range of frames for prints and photographs. Photographs, for example, will look great in plain white or black resin frames, while an art print will look great in a wooden frame in a complementary colour and design.

Not all artworks need framing, depending on the design, medium, and surface, some artworks can look better with a frame while also extending their life.

Artwork on canvas

Acrylic paintings, oil paintings and mixed media art on canvas does not always require a frame, many artists paint the edges to finish the artwork. As a result, when such paintings are hung on the wall, the picture that extends around the edges gives a modern, contemporary look.

Artwork on paper

Oil, acrylic and oil pastel paintings on paper require framing in order to be hung on the wall. While some artists sell their work on paper unframed and unmounted, allowing the buyer to frame it in their preferred style, others choose a simple mount and frame in the colour and style of the painting.

Prints, Drawings and Watercolour

Prints, drawings and watercolour paintings need extra care because they require glass (or perspex) for protection. They need an acid free mount and a backing board as it is important to make sure the glass doesn’t touch the artwork.

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