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Artwork on Google

Get your artwork “seen” by Google and other search engines.

You may have the most wonderful, perfect paintings or superb sculptures but in the modern world if you don’t get seen on the internet you probably won’t be selling much.

Unless of course you have been signed up to an exclusive London gallery, but we are talking real world here.

It does happen, but then again you have to start somewhere and get the artwork seen.

As the pandemic has shown having art sitting in a gallery may not be the sure fire way it once was of getting it seen and sold.

If you have your own website and hope to sell your artwork through it, photographs of your art need to be picked up by the search engines.

If your photo file name is IMG_2345.jpg that tells the search engine nothing, besides it’s actually a jpg photo.

Likewise if you have a data base and like to give your photos names like str_123_H.

If your art is to be seen, give file names a title that relate to what it is.

The file name of this painting is London Eye Sunset - DSC_002

London eye Sunset

That is simple but to the point. This would also be great if you need to add your own code for the database.

However, you can go a little further.

Painting of the North Bank of the Thames London
North Bank - London city painting - ready to hang original art by Kris Mercer

North Bank - London city painting - ready to hang original art by Kris Mercer_2

Don't stuff it with keywords but say what it is.

The painting above gives the search engine a lot of information without adding too many superfluous words

Add all your database info on the very end if needed. The picture above is no.2 from a group of 7 images of the same painting.

Abstract paintings can be a little more tricky but at the very least give them a file name that is relevant to what the painting is.

Blue Storm_Abstract painting in blue, on canvas by Kris Mercer.jpg

This is infinitely better than IMG_00376.jpg

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