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And on it goes !

Just when you thought it really couldn’t get any worse.

I must have p….d someone off big time If anyone knows which gypsy it was that I crossed please step forward now.

Yesterday I went into town and went into Beales (formerly Co op) for a drink and a bite to eat.

There I got served a luke warm cup of coffee which I had to take back. Then when they brought the panini to the table after warming it up

I could have used as a weapon.

When i told him it was rock hard he said I wasn’t the first person to mention it. He gave me a credit note for coffee and panini next time I go in, then mentioned they will be closing for six weeks for refurbishment.

He needn’t think I’d have been rushing back anyway.

This morning I put out the washing, turned round and the line had dumped all my clothes on the lawn. Left it until to take the dogs to the woods. A car parked behind me on the narrow road. Other cars parked in the designated parking spaces either side of me. The garage had turned off my warning beeper when it went in for the fuel problem (I'd not noticed) and I reversed into the side of the car behind. Left my details and the guy has phoned me. Now just have to wait to see what the damage is. The people who were parked at the right hand side of me gave me their name and address as witnesses (just in case they were needed). I had to wait for them to leave before I could actually manouvre my car out it was so tight.

I got an e mail from the National Lottery to say there was news about my ticket. Great, I’ve won £2.90 on the Euro millions. I didn’t even realise you could win so little. Better not spend THAT all at once as I’m going to need it.

I really think staying in bed is going to be a better option for rest of month.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the dog lost his ball in the woods. He was spooked by Friar Tuck and his Merry men as they appeared from out of the trees.

I kid you not !

I don’t know if Robin Hood was with them but Eric was legging it down the path as fast as he could. Jake (my mum's dog) on the other hand strolled nonchalantly on. He, of course, sees men wearing 'long dresses' everyday. 😉

picture of Robin Hood
Robin Hood

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