Kris Mercer is an abstract artist most recognised for her vibrant and large fluid acrylic art works, which won her a place in the American Art Awards in 2016. She was placed 2nd as "The World’s Best Innovative Artist”.


She has a passion for abstract expressionism and the unexpected outcomes that it presents.

The artworks she loves making the most are born from a dynamic type of painting that involves the accidental effects that occur from the gradual build up of dripping and pouring paint onto the canvas.


Recently she has taken this type of painting into miniature originals that are set under glass and worn as fashion jewellery.

Born and raised in Nottinghamshire, England, Kris has been developing and exhibiting her artwork since 2007.

Although she was nearly 30 when she finally made it to Art College, she is no stranger to the joys and conflicts of an artists life having suffered from a manic depressive illness since the age of 19.

She was accepted on a Fine Art Degree course after finishing college, which she declined.

At that point deciding it would be a great adventure to emigrate to Cyprus!

Returning back to the UK in 2000 because of mental health issues it took some time before she was ready to pick up where she had left off.

During this period she took on photographic commissions and sold stock photos which were and still are featured in magazines and books, worldwide.

In 2007 she took the decision to concentrate on her paintings again.


With the support of family and good friends she was persuaded to exhibit her work and although at times it hasn't been easy she has persevered.


It is through her love of art and the knowledge that it brings joy to others that has at times been the strength and motivation that keeps her going.


Kris has also won awards in both the UK and the USA.


southwell show.jpg

Kris has been painting for over 30 years.

Her artworks are held in collections in the UK, USA, Europe and Australia.


2017 Clairefontaine Award - The Artist Open
2017 The Artist exhibition Award - The Artist Open
2016 Derwent Award  -  The Artist Open
2016 2nd place, Innovative art - American Art Awards


Lumi Arts

The Artist Collection

Patchings Gallery.


Charlfred Gallery, London
ING Discerning eye,

Mall galleries, London
Thoresby gallery 101
Open Studio, in association with Open Studios Notts
Patchings Exhibition “The Artist”


Focus Gallery Nottingham
Open Studio, in association with Open Studios Notts
Patchings Exhibition “The Artist”


* Patchings Exhibition “The Artist”
*Rufford Courtyard Gallery,
* Open Studio
* Solo exhibition at The Gherkin, London. Hosted by Swiss Re in support of the Alzeimers society

* Thoresby Gallery 101
* Patchings Exhibition “The Artist”
Thoresby Gallery open
Longlisted for NOA

* Outside In: Central exhibition at Compton Verney. Artwork featured on a looped DVD within the space
* Thoresby Gallery open

* Patchings Exhibition “The Artist”
The Harley Gallery Exhibition, ‘H is for…’,

* Shortlisted for and exhibited, Guardian London Lives Competition .   Bankside Gallery



Buying my Art

I sell through various online galleries but more of my work is here and buying original art direct from the artist means there is no additional gallery commission. This means I can subsidise shipping costs as I have no commission to pay.

Therefore it is more affordable for you.

I am also open to offers so if you see something you love but can't quite afford it, get in touch. 

I cover a wide range of prices with my art from a small gift print to larger bespoke paintings.

I put a great amount of effort into all of my work. Paintings and digital work, and love it when someone feels an attachment to an artwork.

If you are buying an artwork as a gift I can get it delivered on a date to suit you.

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