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(UK only)

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Yes, it's true, I am giving away one of my 6x6 Inch Gallery Quality Art Prints for free.

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Four different prints
to choose from

These would normally cost £14.95 each on my main website

What's the catch?


The catch is you have to pay £2.95 postage and packing.
I want lots of people to have my art in their home and what better way than to give you a free art print to start your collection.

You are asking yourself, why would I do this?
Simple really...

I am fed up with all the doom and gloom.
I want to bring a bit of light and happiness to art lovers, and anyone who's feeling a little low, by making these 15cm x 15cm art prints available for free.

I have spent years with a depressive illness and know how easy it is for the little things to trigger an episode but
I find the process of creating my art has always been very cathartic.

I can while away the hours in an almost dreamlike state and it always makes me feel calm and relaxed.

I wanted to spread that feeling around so I decided (for my own well-being too) that I needed to share this enjoyment with others and offer you a little bit of my peace of mind with this series of art prints titled Daydreaming.

Daydream along with me and let the cares of the world pass you by for a little while as you sit back and relax.

(UK only, sorry to say)

What You Get

… With Lots Of Love …

  • 1x FREE 6x6 Inch Art Print from "The Daydreams Series" (Saving you over £14!)


  • ​The choice from 4 different pieces of artwork.

  • ​Printed On Laminated, High grade, Luxurious Card.