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Art Prints

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What are Art Prints?

On this site you will find a variety of different prints.

Let's break it down into what they are and why they are priced differently.

Reproduction Prints

A reproduction is a copy of a painting.

These prints are limited editions and open editions.

They may be printed in different sizes and on different substrates, ie fine art paper or canvas, but always within the edition size.

For instance 'Venice - Lunch on the canal' is limited to an edition of 50

Within the edition it is possible to have prints on paper of different sizes, canvas prints and acrylic prints, but there will only be 50.

Not 50 of each different sizes, 50 in the whole edition.


Artography is the term used to describe an artform from photographs, also called photo painting.

I use my photographs to create digital paintings, some are manipulated slightly with just a hint of difference from the actual scene. Others are worked on extensively to create an image that is more representative of a painting.

I begin with a digital negative (or an old photograph which has been scanned.)

This is added to my ever growing collection of over 35,000 photographs stored in Lightroom on my computer.

Using Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom the image is enhanced, colour corrected and cropped to the final size.

This is just a digital photograph.

To turn a photograph into a painting requires more time, more software, more equipment and a modicum of technical and artistic skill.

I use a graphics tablet & cordless stylus pen to aid in the process of turning the photo into a digital painting which can represent a watercolor, chalk or oil painting or it can look purely digital.

The finished 'painting' is then professionally printed onto a paper suited to the medium it represents or another substrate.


For instance 'Blue London' is limited to an edition of 15

Within the edition are prints on paper of different sizes and a canvas print. These have different proportions but are still classed as being within the edition.

Artography Paintings

I occasionally publish an artography painting. This is a print on canvas that has been embellished with acrylic paint or overpainted with acrylic paint. These are one offs. No two are the same.  Sometimes called Acrylographs.

Artography Prints

I publish artography prints. This is a print on paper or metal from a digital file. There are no originals. These can be Open or Limited Editions.

Photography Prints

Photography prints are photographic prints, printed on a variety of papers chosen to suit the picture.

Limited Edition versus Open Edition

Once the last number of a print in a limited edition has gone it has gone. Prints in an open edition can be reprinted at any size infinitely.

The paper stock will also be different. Limited Editions are printed on Fine Art paper.


I try to keep the price of my prints at a very competitive rate.

The limited editions can be very small. So you can be assured that very few people will have them.

The price of the print can relate to the size of the edition.

It is possible for an Artography print to cost more than a painting of the same size due to the amount of work that has gone into producing it.

Framed prints will be sent out in a Kraft box suitable for gifting.

Mounted prints will be sent in a cellophane wrapper in a padded envelope or corrugated card.

Larger unmounted prints will be sent rolled in a postal tube


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