Kris Mercer works from her home studio in Nottinghamshire.

She loves making art and tries to incorporate her passion into all of her paintings, drawings, prints and photographs.

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Short Biography
Christine Mercer has used the name Kris since her schooldays.
Originally it was used without the surname as a pseudonym for her prose and poetry.
Later, when signing paintings or poetic works it became amalgamated with the initials CM.
Born in Mansfield, Notts; she was educated at Sherwood Hall Technical Grammar School for Girls and was employed in various clerical jobs.

She didn't make it to art college until she was nearly 30 and able to support herself and the twins. She had a wonderful time there but decided against going on to study Fine Art at University, although had been accepted into Derby.

Instead choosing to travel with the girls to Cyprus and continue an artistic education alone.

Returning to the UK in 2000.

She has progressed with her artistic endeavors and has many happy collectors of works around the world.

About the Artist Kris Mercer

I have been painting for over 30 years and I have worked in various styles.


Abstract through to still life, pop art and architecture.

In 2016 I gradually moved back to abstract painting and some larger canvases but due to back problems usually only manage 3-5 hours a day in the studio.

The rest of my time is spent working at the desk on digital art or on this website which I have built and maintain.  (So any mistakes are down to me!)




My abstract works come from feelings, words, music.
A riot of colour or a subdued undertone of emotions.




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I also love working on fluid acrylic paintings. The unpredictability of the outcome is part of the appeal

With Calm Emotion - Abstract painting-3.jpg

Action painting of the New York school figures heavily in a lot of the works but in my own style without so much emphasis on the "action"More a dynamic type of painting that involves the deliberate application of considered sweeping brushstrokes and the accidental effects that occur from the gradual build up of dripping and pouring paint onto the canvas.These are my abstract imaginings.

Love's got me spinning - Abstract painti

The Pop Art paintings and artography prints and paintings are all worked from my vast portfolio of photographs that I have built up over the years.

I have plenty more to work on as I have a personal library of over 35,000 photographs to choose from.


Buying my Art

I sell through various online galleries but more of my work is here and buying original art direct from the artist means there is no additional gallery commission. This means I can subsidise shipping costs as I have no commission to pay.

Therefore it is more affordable for you.

I am also open to offers so if you see something you love but can't quite afford it, get in touch. 

I cover a wide range of prices with my art from a small gift print to larger bespoke paintings.

I put a great amount of effort into all of my work. Paintings and digital work, and love it when someone feels an attachment to an artwork.

I can custom make pieces to fit individual needs in terms of colour, style or size.

Just drop me a line with your ideas and I will get back to you.

If you are buying an artwork as a gift I can get it delivered on a date to suit you.

Paying for Artworks

All payments are taken through a secure server. Most credit and Debit cards are accepted as well as Paypal


Online Galleries that stock my paintings

1forArt,    Saatchi,    Art2Arts

Exhibitions and Awards



Art in Unusual Places, Southwell


Artist Collection Exhibition

Thoresby Annual Open Art Exhibition


Discerning Eye Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London

The Artist Exhibition Award

Clairefontaine Award

CHARLFRED FINE ART Exhibition, London

21st Open Exhibition Thoresby

Winner of a Derwent Award - The Artist Magazine Open Exhibition

The Artist Exhibition Awards

American Art Awards "The World’s Best Innovative Artist" 2nd place

American Art Awards - "The World’s Best Landscape Impressionists" placed
Open Exhibition, The Old Station Gallery
20th Open Exhibition, Thoresby Hall Courtyard Gallery
Open Studio - Kris Mercer Art Studio
Focus Gallery - A new collection of work based in and around Nottingham

Award winners and exhibition of The Artist magazine
Open Studio - Kris Mercer Art Studio
Rufford Gallery
Solo Show - 30 St Mary Axe, London
Private exhibition hosted by Swiss Re, at the Gherkin, in support of The Alzheimers Society

101 Pictures- Thoresby Hall Courtyard Gallery,
The Artist's Exhibition Awards

Wide open exhibition - Thoresby Hall Courtyard Gallery
Outside In - Compton Verney Gallery

H is for ..... - The Harley Gallery

London Lives: Travel - Bankside Gallery, London